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Darke/South Mercer County (Wireless)

Darke County and fringe Mercer County wireless customers.

Time Status Message
2 weeks ago Down Greenville Corning tower work has been completed. If your services are still out, please reboot the radio and the router. If this does not restore service call the office. Part of the Brookville tower, the Temp Tower, and the Kline tower are currently down. Flora tower will no longer be in use.
3 weeks, 1 day ago Down The Greenville area has been having a service outage for the past few dats. The replacement parts for the tower have been provisioned and are ready to be installed. A climber will be available Monday 11/8 to implement these changes.

Status Legend

  • Down

    The service is currently down

  • Up

    The service is up

  • Warning

    The service is experiencing intermittent problems

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is being performed.